Monster League is now available in Early Access!

Monster League is a kart racing, multiplayer-focused game set in a cartoon horror environment in a realm of familiar monsters, known from legends and pop-culture.

Monster League Info

Choose your favorite monster and take part in furious driving challenges behind the wheels of the most wacky vehicles. Sit back comfortably with your friends and family, connect and win insane races, score goals and fire up explosive pumpkins.


You can play by yourself against NPC characters in every game mode. It's good especially for practicing and getting to know Race or Capture The Frog maps. The AI is there to compete with you or help in team modes!


Host a server, set game mode, map and other parameters. Invite your friends or just let other players to find your game and join you! You can also search for other servers that players from around the world set.


Monster League offers a local multiplayer game via Split Screen up to four players on one screen. Invite your family, friends and sit comfortably on the couch in front of the TV, connect controllers and have fun together in the crazy world of racing monsters!


There are available 6 distinguish game modes:

  • Race
  • Ball
  • Hockey
  • Battleground
  • Golden Egg
  • Capture The Frog

There are team and free-for-all modes with different gameplay, goals and maps.


Monster League has different climate map sets for every game mode, depending on monster's natural environments. Each map set has its unique style. Enter Monster's world to find out yourself!


In Monster League are the best monster drivers in the world:

  • Vampire Vlad
  • Werewolf William
  • Frankenstein's Monster Frank
  • Skeleton Jack
  • Mummy Cleo
  • Yeti Abe

And rumours say, that also Witch Jaga and Scarecrow Crowley are warming up! Everyone of them has it's own crazy-looking vehicle to win in the Monster League.